The Home Safe Teaching System

A Fully Involved Tool for Instilling Safety Lessons


Home Safe Dog For well over 30 years now our fire chief friends have been buying our promotional products for their children's safety programs. We have enjoyed producing everything from stickers, plastic hats and tattoos to teddies in t-shirts! Over the years we have supplied customized Sparky the Fire Dog products or other characters we have designed specific to special events and so on.

Home Safe CatWhenever we could, be it in a phone call or at a fire chief convention (as we would attend year after year) we would bring up new topics as to better understand their world more in-depth. And we learned all about "Teaching Tools" the actual physical or digital program being used to engage children to better help them learn their safety lessons. A life or death subject at best, begging the question as to why is there very little in the way of readily available curriculum for educators to easily implement into their school and firehall visit?!

Home Safe Firehall After years of such conversations and sourcing our supply chains the world over, yes the WORLD. We just could not locate anything other than a cute doll house style tool that, from what we were told, was fun and exciting but also very pricy and not interactive for the kids so they get the benefit. Where on earth can we find a teaching tool that is among other factors "affordable, engaging, interactive, easy to use and maintain."

Since our clients have careers in fire safety education, and really had our backs as we began conceptualizing, it was natural for us to create a revolutionary new teaching tool that is "applicable to all ages, usable in a variety of settings, and easily presented by firefighters, prevention personnel or teachers." The Fully Involved Home Safe Fire Escape Teaching System is its name, and it is now readily available for any fire department, school, library, or service group to purchase through Victory Design.


Home Safe Overloaded Kitchen PlugsTeaching tools used to help children learn should be engaging, interactive, easy to use and maintain. It’s a bonus for it to be applicable to all ages, usable in a variety of settings, and be easily presented by firefighters, prevention personnel or teachers. When I find a tool that meets all these criteria, price becomes secondary. The Home Safe Teaching System certainly meets my expectations. Justifying the purchase of this resource is easy, whether it’s to your fire chief, community partners, or private funding agencies.
~ Rita Paine
   Fire and Life Safety Educator

Home Safe Bicycle and Cellphone The Fully Involved Teaching Tool is outstanding! I purchased it for my own department, the local preschools are excited to have this great resource which is interactive for the kids as they benefit from the audio, visual and tactile elements. The additional Community Safety Facilitator training gives a consistent message and can be taught by all educators, not just the fire service. As a flexible and adjustable system, it can be tailored to any age group and used by daycares, preschools, community centres, libraries, etc.
~ Tyrone Heigh
   Assistant Fire Chief (retired)

Home Safe Kitchen PotsIt is imperative that our children learn at a very young age how to protect themselves. We were EXTREMELY lucky that our five children were not injured – or worse – when our home burnt down. It breaks our hearts as to how many other children are not that lucky. But, LUCK does not have to play a part in it – if they are taught – and trained – at a young age how to protect and save themselves. The FireED Interactive System is a life saver – literally!
~ Chuck and Judy Freels
   Owners at 911 C.A.S.P.E.R.

Home Safe MailboxI am a firefighter of a paid on call fire hall in Malakwa, BC. I have been teaching fire prevention for almost 20 years to schools and the communities around me. I fundraised to purchase the Fire-ED Fully Involved Teaching System when I saw it presented by its designer at the BC Fire Chief's Convention in Pentiction a few years ago. I highly suggest fire departments adopt this program and available training to help fire fighters to teach their communities to be fire safe and stop these senseless deaths due to PREVENTABLE fires.
~ Joanne Held
   Firefighter, Passionate Fire & Life Safety Educator

Home Safe CatFire department public education programs are lacking and we need help! One stark reality is that there are about 5-10 new attendees in Burn Camp each year. This shows that stats are increasing – not declining and to me this is unacceptable. We must help young kids learn about dangers around them. Firefighters are dedicated to providing the public with the tools to help children develop critical life safety skills so they and proper fire behaviour. Get us the teaching tools so we can help kids have a fighting chance and know how to react accordingly without getting seriously hurt in an emergency.
~ Erik Vogel
   Assistant Fire Chief (Ret.)

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