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Victory Design: A Long History of Public Safety Education

Carolann and Randy Carolann and Randy are a couple of outdoor enthusiasts. Both of them grew up trekking through the mountains and forests of British Columbia. Over the years, their love of the natural environment has only grown. Along with the joy of embracing the natural beauty of the wilderness came the awareness about the destructive force that wildfires can cause.

Therefore, with Randy's long history working in graphic design and Carolann's experience in public education, when the opportunity to take over the management of Smokey Bear Canada and Last Logos Public Education Programs, they jumped at the chance.

Captain FireflyRandy was soon working with other talented cartoonists and illustrators to create captivating artwork for the Fire Service and Police Departments. Thus we were able to introduce Captain Firefly and the fire buds to a generation of children to support the safety messages of Fire Prevention Officers. We also began working on artwork to communicate fire prevention messages to adult audiences.

Captain CrimebusterSimilarly, we brought Captain Crimebuster and the Police Pal's to assist Community Police Officers in communicating their children's safety messages. Building on children's education, we expanded to assist Police Departments in communicating their crime prevention messages such as Block Watch.

Carolann's history of work in the public schools, in particular as she has worked with special needs and at-risk youth, expands the company's ability to communicate clear messages to keep our children and communities safe.

It is a passion of ours to keep our forests, communities and, most importantly, our children safe.

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